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Deltek Possibly Viable to Some Small Business Contractors

As I have mentioned on my website, Deltek is the leader in government contract accounting systems. However, for the most part Deltek has not been very attainable for most small businesses. As a result most small businesses have been limited to Quick Books. As I mention on this website, Quick Books can be made DCAA and FAR compliant. This involves some add-ons and

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DCAA Trends on Accounting System Audits.

I have noticed that DCAA is placing more emphasis on budgeting and forecasting in its audits of contractor accounting systems. This is not a direct requirement of accounting systems but is at least implied in a number of contract clauses related to pricing and invoicing and limitations of funds and similar clauses. To get DCAA buy-in need to adequately cover the bud

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DCAA Re-newed Focus on Cost Support

To emphasize the importance of documenting costs incurred please consider the following. I was retained by a new client to help them resolve a nasty DCAA audit report of a small business. The report questioned $200,000 in costs mainly due to a lack of cost support such as receipts, invoices, consulting agreements and mileage logs. The company relied mainly on cre

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Govcon Accounting Systems

In regards to accounting systems for government contractors please note the following. Deltek GCS or Essentials is no. 1 in my opinion, provided the contractor can afford it and can handle the back office support required. At a minimum an experienced Controller is required. JAMIS is a close second. Both are excellent integrated solutions for government contractors

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DCAA Seeking Provisional Indirect Rate Proposals For 2013

DCAA is seeking provisional indirect cost rate proposals for 2013. Some offices have set a due date of mid January 2013. Getting provisional indirect rate agreements in place as soon as possible for 2013 is important. In many cases DCAA will not approve billings under cost reimbursable contracts without it. Provisisional indirect cost rate agreements establish the

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Allowability of Compensation Costs For Privately Owned Contractors

I am often asked about compensation in a private small business environment. Often DCAA raises this issue in its audit reports questioning the costs as unreasonable or unallowable. It is a focus area for DCAA for sure. The FAR itself also focuses on it suggesting it requires special treatment. It is a crucial item requiring special attention. The allowability of

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