Government Contract Consulting Services

The challenges facing government contractors today can be complex, and difficult for a “generalist” to handle alone. With over 26 years experience and expertise in DCAA and government contracting, the scope of my services can cover many subject areas. Occasionally I provide solutions for subjects outside these core business areas on an exception basis.

DCAA Activities – This is a very broad subject encompassing assisting contractors with DCAA audits to providing advice regarding DCAA audits of all types. Ocassionally I handle the DCAA audit and related activities personally. This is all a matter of practicality and client preference. In this capacity I provide clients a road map to avoid the pitfalls of the DCAA and their audits. If requested I implement these action items. Success with DCAA is an important factor for government contractors. By following my advice or following my lead, you will pass your DCAA audits. I have a long history of passing objective DCAA audits and maximizing cost recovery in all cases.

DCAA Compliant Systems – I am a former DCAA auditor with Sustained Superior Performance Awards, with 12 years experience as a government contract consultant and 10 years as a Controller/CFO for government contractors. I know what it takes to implement DCAA compliant systems and processes. A compliant system is more than the software, it includes consistent application of sound cost accounting practices and adequate internal controls and education. The system also must be customized to meet the unique needs of the client. I offer solutions to both small and large businesses. This is not just software but the whole package. In most cases, the total package price for small businesses can be a few thousand not tens of thousands common in the market place. My guarantee is with my participation the package will pass any DCAA audit with minimal cost, time and effort and it will be tailored to meet your needs given your size and contract mix. For larger contractors, I also have substantial experience with larger packages like Deltek GCS, Cost Point and JAMIS and can offer a value added solution.

Indirect Rates and Incurred Cost Submissions (ICE) – Indirect costing is the greatest challenge for government contractors. It is both complex and always a hot button for DCAA and contractors alike. Based on my experience, I offer contractors solutions to developing sound indirect cost pools, indirect rates and Incurred Cost Submissions that meet compliance expectations and maximize cost recovery. The Incurred Cost Submission is the most important deliverable under a flexibly priced contract as it is the end result. Often small government contractors get behind on these submissions causing significant challenges. I provide contractors with a solution that meets compliance expectations and maximizes cost recovery under the circumstances.

Government Contract Proposals and Pricing – Based on my 26 years experience with DCAA proposal and pricing requirements I help my clients develop compliant cost proposals and maximize cost recovery. My particiaption improves the clients ability to secure favorable DCAA audits and maximize their position under the FAR. I also help companies with business development strategies under government contracts. The scope includes all the various contract types, government agencies and covers most industries. My expertise also includes unique situations such as Terminations For Convenience, Requests for Equitable Adjustments and in last resort situations Claims under the Contract Disputes Act. It also includes developing and negotiating GSA Federal Supply Schedule contracts (commercial pricing). Often I help client’s take advantage of the commercial pricing exemption. If all conditions can be met, this strategy permits the client to side-step DCAA audits and cost or pricing data requirements all together.

Please contact me for more detail on any of these services or any challenges you may face.