Government contract accounting can be complex and often requires a unique expertise and many years of practical experience. Most small business contractors use Quick Books as their accounting system. For most small businesses Quick Books is the only realistic option. Although Quick Books is an excellent small business accounting system, it requires a number of adjustments to meet FAR and DCAA requirements. Small business contractors often lack the government contract accounting expertise and struggle to complete its accounting in a complaint manner. Small business contractors typically employ employee commercial accountants, bookkeepers. This approach often falls short of these requirements causing substantial risk to the business and can cause the contractor to incur substantial costs in corrective action to prepare accounting records for DCAA audit.

There are a number of solutions to this dilemma. These solutions are described on this web site. One of these solutions is for contractors to take full advantage of my 29 years experience in government contracting and DCAA audit. Clients also take advantage of my Quick Books experience as well. This is a very effective solution for those government contractors that simply do not have the capability to comply with these requirements due to limited in house accounting resources.

Based on my 28 years experience in government contract accounting, DCAA audits and the FAR permits me to offer this government contract dcaa accounting service to perform the accounting tasks or write-up work using Quick Books. My service completes the accounting function in a FAR and DCAA compliant manner. In performing the detail accounting service, government contract accounting is completed in a compliant manner permitting the contractor to pass DCAA audits and accounting/pricing requirements. Also it permits the contractor to maximize its cost recovery under government contracts.

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